The Rivière-Bleue Heritage Corporation

A station, a heritage, a corporation

The Rivière-Bleue Heritage Corporation, incorporated on August 3, 2006, is a non-profit organization. His first project was that of the rehabilitation and enhancement of the CN station, a station now more than a century old (1913), the only one preserved on the territory of the Transcontinental.

Mission of the Corporation

Preserve the Old Station and animate the museum institution formed by La Vieille Gare de Rivière-Bleue and La Petite Gare Aubut and raise public awareness of the protection and conservation of local heritage.


The Corporation du patrimoine de Rivière-Bleue has been entrusted by the Municipality of Rivière-Bleue with the mandate of management, development and animation of La Vielle Gare de Rivière-Bleue, which the municipality owns. La Vieille Gare was named a heritage building by the Municipality on March 19, 2007. The Corporation also ensures the management, development and animation of La Petite Gare Aubut, property of the Municipality of Rivière-Bleue, which granted it the mandate.

The Corporation is managed by a board of directors made up of 7 to 9 directors, most of whom are elected at a general meeting, which takes place in May of each year. To become a member of the Rivière-Bleue Heritage Corporation at a cost of $10, please write to us at

The Riverain Craft Club appoints a representative to the Board. The Riverain Craft Club is the first partner of the Corporation. It occupies premises in the Vieille Gare for its craft shop. The policy and development thereof is the responsibility of the Craft Club only. Agreements bind the Corporation and the Club.

The Museum, the exhibitions, the café report directly to the Corporation, which defines the policies of the complex as a whole and ensures its overall management.

Look out for our heritage and become a friend of the station (in french)