Le Riverain Arts and Crafts Centre

A boutique with products by local artist and craftspeople

  • Weaving: Catalogne blankets, wool blankets, throws, tablecloths, placemats, laize fabric, cotton and linen tea towels, shopping bags made from recycled plastic bags, towels, bath sheets, face cloths.
  • Knitting: scarves, shawls, blankets for children, pullover and cardigan sweaters, socks and mittens, including some made from “habitant” (hand-spun) wool.
  • Quilting: quilts, tablecloths, cushions.
  • Sewing: oven mitts and gloves, placemats, plain and button-top hand towels, aprons, bibs, clothes peg holders, and stuffed toys.
  • Braided rugs made from fabric and straw
  • Wooden objects: frames, paintings of landscapes and people, clocks, newspaper holders, bird houses, cases and boxes of all sorts, key chains, pens, stools, spoons, spatulas, and axe and hammer handles.
  • Objects made from pine needles: coasters, pencil boxes, trivets and bowls of all sorts.
  • Painted slate plaques.
  • Stained glass: lamps, ceiling lights, night lights, pins.
  • Lace: frills and tatting
  • Jewellery: necklaces and bracelets
  • Indian crafts: necklaces, bracelets, dream catchers, feathers and fans.
  • Art: oil and watercolour paintings
  • Books of traditional recipes and stories
  • CDs by local singers
  • Local products: honey and maple products. (Counter under development)
Objects promoting the Rivière-Bleue Municipality

The Claude-Théberge Gallery


  • Danyèle Bélanger
  • Madeleine Bélanger
  • Michelle Lafrance
  • France Lévesque
  • Jacqueline Ouellet
  • John Stevens